Why Work with Us


Our services provide our clients with time and peace of mind. 

We ensure all aspects of their bookkeeping are up to date and they remain compliant with the ATO and other regulatory bodies, whilst we also provide a source of advice, support, and education.

Our clients can rest at ease knowing that their accounts are in order, which helps to reduce stress. They can then focus more on their business knowing they have someone who has their back. This will allow business owners to make crucial financial decisions from a more financially enlightened and responsible position, enabling the business to survive and thrive.

At Books in Order, our team does more than just bookkeeping.

We are small business owners as well, who happen to run a bookkeeping business.

To ensure we are providing our clients the best service, we have qualifications and certifications obtained over our 25 years of industry & business experience including:

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Registered BAS Agents

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IPA Certified Accountant 

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ICB Certified Bookkeepers 

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Pure Bookkeeping Licensee 

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Xero Certified Advisors 

These qualifications assist us in providing full service bookkeeping and financial solutions that will support you in getting the ‘small stuff’ in order to allow you to concentrate on the big picture of growing your business.