We knew that we didn’t have to be a large business with commercial premises to introduce sustainable business practices. For Books In Order, being sustainable in our workplace is achieved with conscious thought and applied to everyday tasks, such as –

All of our clients are cloud based, which means that we can access their accounts and work on them remotely. This reduces the need to travel, eliminating pollution.

We encourage the use of online meetings, saving time and travel.

We operate as a paperless business but, when necessary, we use recycled paper & ink cartridges

For secure document storage, we highly recommend scanning original documents, if these are available and saving these electronically. If documents are in an electronic format, this is even better, and they can be uploaded and saved into the accounting software and clients electronic folders.

Using electronic note pad when taking notes instead of paper notepads.

Document retrieval software, for obtaining bills directly from the supplier. This saves time requesting these and are also saved & stored electronically. Some of these applications are Hubdoc, Dext, Xero Mobile app etc.

Electronic signing software for marking up documents and obtaining client’s signatures without printed copies.

For our electricity usage, Books In Order uses energy efficient globes and maintains minimal use of air conditioning.

For the all-important Coffee Books In Order does not use paper cups or single use pods, we use reusable coffee pods and our own mugs!

For Books In Order, being truly sustainable is not just about lowering waste or energy output, but also thinking about the products and processes that we have implemented across our business are not just economic, but they are environmental, technological, and social sustainability best practices.