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Why we love Cloud-based Accounting

What we love, is being able to look at what a business currently has and then bringing them into the world of being a cloud-based accounting business. We have been involved in converting businesses from being a predominantly paper-based business to a complete cloud-based business! We have seen non cloud-based accounting in many forms. From paper-based ledgers, to excel spreadsheets, to desktop-based accounting package or even a combination of all 3 in the one business.

So, how can cloud-based accounting benefit your business?

This table shows you a little of how cloud accounting (if you are on a desktop version or paper-based accounting system) can help your business.

If you are currently utilising cloud accounting, you may not be optimising it to it's full potential. We have been able to assist many of our clients understand the power and possibilities they have at their fingertips, without knowing it.


-> Using Mobile Apps allow access to financial records while on the go – you can purchase items and upload a snapshot of the receipt/invoice, direct to your system while outside the office;

-> When you receive your supplier invoices, you can email them direct into your system;

-> You can create customised reports for your business & financial needs

-> You can have your employees compete timesheets direct – saving time chasing them

With efficient accounting software, management of your business is made easier and provides more time to focus on growing your business. So, the question is... are you ready to take the plunge from into Cloud-based accounting - we promise you, it's not scary! 

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