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What you should look for in a Bookkeeper

On the hunt for someone to take charge of your books but have no idea where to start? Finding a good Bookkeeper doesn’t have to be a difficult task. Check out our tips below on what you should look for in a Bookkeeper.

1. Training and Accreditation

First things first, you will want to know what formal Bookkeeping or Accounting training and experience your future Bookkeeper has. Any professional Bookkeeper should be happy to provide you with this information. Keep an eye out as well for any associations that they might be involved in. For example, here at Books In Order, we are an Associate member with the Institute of Public Accountants (IPA) and the Australian Bookkeepers Network (ABN). If you are looking at hiring a Bookkeeper that operates their own business, you should also check whether they are a Registered BAS Agent (we are!). If they are, your Bookkeeper has the required skills, qualifications and experience to process all of your business’ financial transactions and to prepare and lodge your Business Activity Statement (BAS), in line with legislation.

2. Range of services and packages offered No one wants to be chopping and changing their Bookkeeper constantly, so make sure you check out the different services and packages on offer from your potential Bookkeeper, to ensure it is in line with you and your business’ needs. For example, if you need your Bookkeeper to help you to set up your business on an accounting software package or, with converting from one accounting software package to another. There are many bookkeepers that specialise in this, while others focus purely on businesses that have an established software. Some specialise in inventory and others in large payrolls. Having a chat to your potential bookkeeper is a great way to find out what they specialise in and what they love. If they love their work – they will look after you!

3. Security Systems All Bookkeepers should have systems in place to ensure their clients data remains confidential, secure and private. It is imperative that you ask this information prior to hiring a Bookkeeper and they should be happy to provide you with this information. Here at Books In Order, we list this information on our website - check it out here.

4. Behaviour Traits You want to make sure the Bookkeeper you hire is easy to work with. What are their communication skills like? For example, are they easy to talk to? Do they explain their processes and procedures to you? How is their time management and attention to detail? Are they organised and seem to be on top of their work? Will they be flexible?

We hope the above tips will help you to lock in a Bookkeeper for your business, so you can start the process of getting your Books In Order. If you’d like to find out more information about us, feel free to send us an email at or call us on 0421 082 120 – we love a chat!


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